Blue Yeti Mic has finally arrived!

- Published on 2020-10-14

Hi all! 👋

So it's recently come to my attention that not only was I late to the party for online blogging, but also migrating from using my laptops' built-in microphone to a legitimate input hardware device for my work/study environment... Yes you guessed it, an actual mic in this case.

As some of you existing YouTube subs out there may have already noticed in some of my older videos (and thanks to those for mentioning it 🙏), the lousy madness from the laptop fan overwhelmed my soft, monotone voice to a certain extent.

Fast forward to today, I finally ordered a Blue Microphone Yeti (Blackout) mic as shown in the following shots 💁‍♂️:

Blue Yeti Mic Boxed
Such a beauty, ain't it? 😉

Blue Yeti Mic Unboxed

Curious to see me put this new output to the test? Then check out some of my YouTube videos starting with my blog post here.

- Dave

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