DaSh Story adventure posts commenced!

- published on 2021-02-09

My fellow travel vloggers πŸ‘‹βœˆοΈ

"DaSh Story", you ask? Myself, Da(ve), and my girlfriend, Sh(erry), have recently decided to take our hobbies/adventures to the next level and post about it, because why not? It's one of the few ways to make lemonade during this time 😏 #PandemicLife #PandemicTravels

Our new site: http://thedashstory.com

So what exactly did we decide to publish as our first ever vlog to start things off right? Considering that the timing of this blog post is during ski season, we ended up showcasing our little adventure at one of the best mid-East coasts' ski resorts, Blue Mountain Resort, in Pennsylvania!

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YouTube Video: Vlog Blue Mountain Thumbnail Image

- Dave