First Partnership: VALEERIA™️ 😎

- published on 2021-08-26

Hi all 👋

I'm proud to announce that I've officially partnered with a global sunglasses brand, VALEERIA™️, via their ambassadors program 🥂 This obviously means a lot to me since not only do I get to share some cool, discounted swag with you all, but also the fact that things like this support me to do what I do today.

So without further ado, go to this link and checkout with the code, "DAVEPARK", to get a whopping 50% off of items like the ones below:

Valeeria Home Page

Some obligatory selfies of me wearing the "NEMRA" model while Onewheeling/longboarding around my area to spice things up a bit:

Dave Park Valeeria Pose #1 Dave Park Valeeria Pose #2 Dave Park Valeeria Pose #3

And my collection thus far:

Dave Park Valeeria Collection

Stay tuned for more cool modeling shots, and make sure to share yours and tag me @notdavenotdavid 😎

- Dave

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