Site Revamp/Pivot!

- published on 2021-06-16

Hi all 👋

First and foremost, hopefully all of you are doing well during this time (and possibly vaccinated by now) 🤞

As for myself, I recently came back from a 2-week trip at the West/Mountain coasts here in the States! Take for instance, a bunch of National Parks and attractions from Vegas, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado. Crazy, I know. So over the course of the next few if not several weeks, expect a lot of corresponding content in return!

All of that said, it's worth mentioning that my once tech-like site (which revolved mostly around coding tutorial videos and other related posts) will now be pivoting to focus on pure content creation about all-things traveling and events instead! Though that's not to say that I'll be removing all of my existing tech content like YouTube videos altogether, but rather, will be leaving them "archived".

Follow my adventurous journey via my social media accounts (links above and below) 🤙

- Dave

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