Tech Layoff? Pivot time 🤞

- published on 2023-01-31

Hi all 👋

Tech layoff? Pivot time! Getting laid off (as a SWE) is a blessing in disguise as I’ve been contemplating a break and some time to think about what I really wanna do for awhile now. Sure, I won’t earn as much short-term (if ever), but at least my wellbeing will thank me 😇

So what’s the game plan? Freelancing (photography/videography) while content creating on-the side. The FAA Part 107 license also seems worth pursuing. Until then, I’ll probably get back into traveling, fitness, learn a foreign language, and last but most importantly, taking it easy. All I know is that this is what God has graciously laid out for me, so the least I can do in return is remain faithful to His plan.

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- Dave

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