My New Covid Hobby & First GoPro Award 🏆

- published on 2021-12-03

Hi all 👋

What a journey it has been picking up photography as a new hobby during these crazy times so far... It all started when I got a GoPro HERO 9 Black for my birthday last year, and eventually became a perfect opportunity to get my hands dirty with settings like ISO, exposure, and etc. Fast-forward to today, my content is now featured by one of the hottest brands out there reaching millions of people.

One particular shot I wanted to try out was one of those long-exposure shots of drives that you've most likely seen online by now. More on that below, but here are some BTS shots of me mounting the new HERO 10 on my car with the suction cup mount:

Dave Park GoPro Award #1 BTS Image

I then submitted the resulting shot at GoPro's award page (and it's important that you submit the shot raw since GoPro obviously edits it themselves) only about a month ago and next thing you know, I got notifications of them tagging me on Instagram:

Dave Park GoPro Award #1 Notification Image

... and *drum roll* here's the winning shot:

Dave Park GoPro Award Image #1

HERO 10 settings: Night Photo, 5 sec exposure, ISO 100, and driving at around 10-20MPH

Despite being locked out of my Tesla last Thanksgiving weekend (more on that in a separate blog post), this feature undoubtedly became the highlight and made up for everything! For your first submissions/results, make sure to keep me posted on your journey and tag me @davenotdavid.jpg 😎

- Dave

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