Flutter Dev Series Part 1: Let's Build that Mobile App with News API

- published on 2020-10-09

Hi all! 👋

Believe it or not, this is my first blog post in terms of all-things tech... Long overdue I know, but hey, better late than never 👀

So what exactly will this anticipated post be about? It's late 2020 during an endless battle with the pandemic and considering that I have a decent amount of neglected, pet projects up my sleeve, why not resume it while YouTubing about it as a quarantine hobby? 🤔

One particular project worth sharing is a Flutter mobile app (cross-platform) integrated with the News API service, where the app basically fetches top news articles for a certain media outlet, and then views the selected article item in detail via a web view. Here's the GitHub repo of the project: https://github.com/DaveNOTDavid/dnd_headlines

Now what can possibly be better than dividing my progress for this project into multiple parts covering Flutter topics including, but not limited to, basic widget design/implementation and state management, data modeling/binding/asynchronous operations, integrating some cool plug-ins from Dart/Flutter's package manager, and all-things testing to share with you guys? I figured a good starting point would be incrementally publishing such parts with the first part of the series introducing how to get started with the project.

Here's the YouTube video:

As mentioned in the video, the next subsequent parts will be published at my convenience moving forward. As always, like/subscribe to my channel for more content ❤️

- Dave