Tesla Lockout at a Summit 😱

- published on 2021-12-31

Hi all 👋

No 2021 year-end review here as I lacked the time these days to compile something up together, but wanted to get something dear off of my chest that's probably one of my biggest highlights of the year.

To be exact, I've experienced the craziest Thanksgiving where my 2021 Tesla Model Y Performance decided to fall asleep in a deep coma during the worst possible timing - upon arriving back at the parked car after skiing for the day, which was the first day of my weekend ski trip at the summit of Snowshoe Mountain Resort. Yes, all of my luggages/essentials were locked in the car. So, what did I end up doing? Watch the video below to find out 👀

Cheers to 2022 🥂

- Dave

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